How to Find Us…

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Our newly renovated salon is located near the northwest corner of 3rd and Main Streets in downtown Rochester. You’ll find us at 307 ½ Main St, directly above the Talulah Belle Boutique. There’s an entrance from Main and also an entrance behind our salon.
If you park on Main If you park on Main Street, you can find us by entering through the door just to the right of the Talulah Belle Boutique and go up one flight.
If you choose one of our reserved parking spots at the rear entrance, please note that the alley is a one-way that runs south from 4th street. After parking, head up the staircase to the patio area where you’ll see our back door.
And for your convenience, if you end up parking at a meter, we’ll be happy to feed it for you! As always, feel free to call us if you have any questions!